ECC Expert Epic

An ECC expert (export control and customs) might be a lawyer or a specially trained person in export control regulations who cares about all export control classifications for applications which are delivered that include OSS and/or other 3rd party software.

Responsibilites, tasks and role

As an ECC expert I am responsible to ensure the proper ECC classification of applications and advise the product owner and the development staff in a way that applications can be made available in the target markets in compliance with the existing ECC regulations. This comprises analysis of the integrated 3rd party packages no matter whether this is OSS or commercial software in the context of export control.


As an ECC expert I always need a complete overview of the 3rd party software integrated in an application. In order to achieve my tasks I need information about every package whether it * has already an ECC classification and, if yes, which classification it is * whether it contains cryptography and, if so, for which purpose the algorithms are used (e.g. authentication or encrypting communication) and the key length * whether it is OSS, meaning that it is publicly avialable * whether it was modified by the own development staff and, if so, whether the cases are made publicly available in case of OSS * the origin of the package

Having all this information available for every package which is integrated in the application and having the same information of the application itself enables me to do the proper classification. Furthermore I can do, if neccessary, based on the entire bill of materials a "de minimis" calculation. Having always an accurate and up to date view of the integrated 3rd party packages enables me to warn the product owner and the development staff in a timely manner in case the resulting ECC classifiaction will not allow the application to be made available in a certain target market, so that the product owner and the development staff have enough time to react before the application is going to be launched.